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  • If you’re going to shop Prime Day deals . . .
    Let me start with this very important note: You do not need something from Amazon just because it’s Prime Day (or Big Deal Days, WHATEVER). It’s tempting, especially when the home page of Amazon is filled with “BEST DEAL EVER!” messages. However, I’ve often found many of these too good to be true deals end… Read more: If you’re going to shop Prime Day deals . . .
  • Life as a Lecturer
    Just before the fall semester in 2022, I was offered an opportunity to teach my first Sports Writing course at the University of Nebraska — Lincoln. I only had a couple of weeks to prepare for the semester ahead — and was doing so knowing I’d miss the first week while in Ireland — but… Read more: Life as a Lecturer
  • A new chapter begins
    August 18 marked the end of a decade for me. It was my last day at Hail Varsity, which had been part of my life in some fashion since it was founded in 2012. Outside of one year where I pursued an opportunity with Cox Media Group’s Big Ten venture, Hail Varsity was a constant… Read more: A new chapter begins
  • Summer Concerts: What You Need to Enjoy the Show
    I recently posted on my Instagram Stories about using earplugs for the first time at a concert. At the recommendation (and urging) of some good friends, I ordered a pair to wear for Lizzo’s concert. I walked away kicking myself for not being smart enough to wear earplugs to every concert I had attended before… Read more: Summer Concerts: What You Need to Enjoy the Show
  • Goals for 2023
    New year, so it’s time to return to the blog for 2023 goals. Here’s what Erin Sorensen plans to be up to in the new year.
  • Things I Like: Madewell Jeans
    (Photo via Madewell) I’d like to build a “shop” section of this blog at some point. I think that would be easier to link a lot of the things people ask me about, but I just haven’t gotten there. With that said, Madewell is currently offering 20% off its entire website (and 25% for Stars… Read more: Things I Like: Madewell Jeans
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