Summer Concerts: What You Need to Enjoy the Show

I recently posted on my Instagram Stories about using earplugs for the first time at a concert. At the recommendation (and urging) of some good friends, I ordered a pair to wear for Lizzo’s concert. I walked away kicking myself for not being smart enough to wear earplugs to every concert I had attended before that.

Since then, I’ve had a number of conversations with people about what we all need for the concerts we’re going to this summer (and beyond!). I decided to round up some of those items below. I’ve also made a list on my Amazon Storefront that has a few more options.

Here the five things you need to have for your summer concerts:

(As a note, if you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through my website, I may receive an affiliate commission. I was, however, not paid by a brand for any of these reviews.)


If you buy one thing, make it earplugs.

That ringing you hear in your ears after concerts? That’s temporary hearing loss. Do that over and over and it becomes permanent.

Protect your ears!

Clear Bag

It’s very important to double and triple check your stadium/venue policy (some are much more strict than others), but I’m a big fan of a clear bag that can be used for more than just concerts and sporting events.

This one, for example, is super cute. It’s also pretty inexpensive. I like that it can transition from an over-the-shoulder bag to a wrist strap option depending on your preference.

I also have a clear fanny pack that I’ll link on my Amazon Storefront, but I find that I don’t use it as much as other bag options.

Portable Phone Charger

This is my favorite portable charger. It not only works on my phone, but I can also charge my computer from it. Full transparency: I’m an Apple user, and this one doesn’t have an option for Androids.

This one comes with options for various phones. I’ve never personally purchased this one, but I know people who have this one and like it.


The next two items are specific for outdoor shows, but still very important.

First: Sunscreen! My favorite face mist sunscreen is from Sun Bum, because I like that you can spray it over top makeup for protection without ruining said makeup. There are also powder sunscreens, but I still prefer the mist.

If you’re looking for a moisturizer with sunscreen, this one from Everyday Human is a favorite of mine as well.

As for a general sunscreen for arms/legs, etc., really any sunscreen you like will work. I’m a fan of the Everyday Human line in general, but I feel like sunscreen is one of those things where everyone has a specific preference. For that reason, get what’s best for you BUT don’t forget it.


If you’re going to be at an outdoor show, bring a poncho. And a little pro tip: Make sure the hood of the poncho has a draw string so you can tighten that if need be. There’s nothing worse than the hood blowing off as you’re trying to hold it down.

Also, I linked a clear one because you have to still show off the outfit.


And with that, enjoy your concerts this summer! I hope some of this was helpful. If nothing else, it was for me as I get myself ready for more concerts this summer.



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