A new chapter begins

A woman standing next to a volleyball court placed on the field at Memorial Stadium.

August 18 marked the end of a decade for me. It was my last day at Hail Varsity, which had been part of my life in some fashion since it was founded in 2012. Outside of one year where I pursued an opportunity with Cox Media Group’s Big Ten venture, Hail Varsity was a constant in my life.

And now it’s not.

In the weeks since August 18, I’ve had people ask how I am. I’ve had people ask what’s next.

The answers? I’m good, and I mean it. As for what’s next, I’m not always sure how to answer that because I feel like my approach has always been to keep moving forward. I’m always up to something, and that hasn’t changed.

One of those things is the launch of Counter Read, a newsletter I founded alongside former Hail Varsity managing editor Brandon Vogel. Our goal is simple: Nebraska sports stories, well told.

I’m also teaching in Nebraska’s College of Journalism and Mass Communication, and I have more up my sleeve. I’ll share more when I’m ready, but I plan to use this website to share projects, updates and more as I go.

I also plan to just blog more, which I say every year just after the start of the new year. I mean it this time though (and I’m also saying it in September, which is new for me). I share recommendations, my love of things and more on Instagram, TikTok, etc. but I know I should better use this space too. I’m going to give it the ol’ college try, at least.

For now, thanks for always being here. It helps make the step into what this next decade (and chapter) a lot less scary.


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  1. I appreciated your voice, one of the few smart and savvy (sports and otherwise) female voices in the room. Best of luck. You’ll be missed.

    1. I appreciate that, but don’t worry — I’m not going anywhere! At least not yet. Be sure to check out Counter Read (my new newsletter focused on Husker Athletics) and keep an eye out. I hope to keep telling great stories so no one misses me too much 🙂

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