Goals for 2023

Hello. It’s that time of year where I once again return to my blog like I didn’t just abandon it for several months. At this point, it’s tradition.

I could tell you that I plan to be more consistent with this blog, but that would be a lie. I’m definitely more consistent in content creation on Instagram and TikTok, so follow me there to ensure you never miss a thing.

However, the blog is back (for now). And as we enter a new year, I’d like to share some of my goals for 2023.

Run a Marathon

This is an absolutely gross and disgusting goal. I just want you to know that right now.

I like running, but 26.2 miles of running? I’m not so sure but here we are.

My husband has been saying he’d like to run a full marathon and that he’d like me to join him. I apparently love the guy or something because I agreed and we are officially registered for the Lincoln Marathon in May.

Training started on Tuesday, Jan. 3 and it’s 18 weeks of a lot of miles. We’ve added a couple of runs throughout for motivation (the Leprechaun Chase in March and the Early Bird 10-Mile Run in April) and to just help break things up. I’m going to need Pink Gorilla Events to sponsor me though because this many races in such short time ain’t cheap.

I’m planning to document the journey so again, be sure to follow me on Instagram and TikTok where I can promise consistent updates.

Five Minutes of Duolingo a Day

I spent several years learning German in middle school and high school but stopped once I hit the highest level of German that my high school offered. I considered taking college courses, but it never worked out.

However, I learned a lot in those years of German. I wasn’t fluent, but I could read the language fairly well and have basic conversation. That’s changed a bit though after basically abandoning the language for over a decade.

Let’s change that in 2023!

I downloaded Duolingo and I’m refreshing my brain on German. A lot I remember, but a lot I’m re-learning. I’ve been enjoying it so far, and I think five minutes per day to do something I like for no reason other than my enjoyment is 1,000% worth it.

Read One Book Per Month

The problem with reading for me is that I always stack books in the first half of the year and then burn myself out by July. I’m not going to do that this year. Instead, I’m going to aim for just one book per month. If I happen to read an extra, great! However, the goal isn’t 12 books in one yer. The goal is one per month.

I went to the library and picked up The Club by Ellery Lloyd for January. I started reading that in 2022 and stopped 31 pages. I don’t remember disliking the book. I think I just got bogged down and forgot to go back to it. Whoops.

If you want to be pals on Goodreads, you can follow me here.

Stop Caring What People Think

Would you believe me if I told you I hesitate to post on social media because I’m afraid of what people think about me? Some people won’t be surprised by that, but I think some would be. I wish I didn’t care so much, but I completely care what people think.

And here’s why that’s a problem: It’s holding me back.

I’ve wanted to grow my TikTok to 10K followers for a year now. I’m at 8,700(ish). I know that to grow I need to be authentic and myself, but every time I work up the courage to do that, I overthink it.

I do that on Instagram and Twitter too. Despite the accounts being very much my own, I act like I’m not the one controlling them.

I really wish I could say this will be easy, but it won’t be. I know that. But I always tell brands/companies/individuals how to grow their social networks and I apparently haven’t learned how to take my own advice.

Let’s make 2023 the year that changes.


Anyway, those are my goals for the new year. I’ll keep you updated somewhere. I hope it’s here, but we know how that usually goes.

If you have any goals for the new year, drop me a comment and let me know.

Talk soon. Probably.


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