If you’re going to shop Prime Day deals . . .

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Let me start with this very important note:

You do not need something from Amazon just because it’s Prime Day (or Big Deal Days, WHATEVER).

It’s tempting, especially when the home page of Amazon is filled with “BEST DEAL EVER!” messages. However, I’ve often found many of these too good to be true deals end up being good deals again (especially with how close we are to the holiday season).

With that said, I do like to use these days for things I actually need (or items I’ve had on my wish list for awhile).

So! If you’re finding yourself scrolling and looking for deals, here are a few things that I’ve either grabbed this go-around or in previous iterations of Amazon days.

As an Amazon Influencer, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Waterpik Water Flosser

My dentist has been recommending a waterpik for awhile. She’s specifically told me to keep an eye out for a deal from Amazon, but I always forget. This time . . . I did not forget.

She recommended this specific one because it’s cordless and can be used in the shower or wherever.

Anyway, I hope she reads this. She’ll be so happy with me.

Hypervolt 2 Massage Gun

This was recommended to me earlier this year when I was running a lot, and I’m glad it was. I really like this one, especially after feeling decision fatigue while searching for one to buy.

The reason I’m recommending it now is because it’s a really good price for the Big Deal Days. Worth grabbing if you’ve had this on your list.

Tula Eye Balm

Big fan of Tula’s eye balms. I buy them when they’re on sale and they last a long time.

For reference, this same product is $44 at Target, Ulta and Sephora right now. It’s $26.60 on Amazon, so . . . I’ll be buying one. (But only one because the next sale will come around by the time I need a new one.)

Phone Tripod

Look. I have no idea if you need a tripod for your phone, BUT if you do — Get this one. It’s cheap, it’s super functional and it can also be a monopod/selfie stick if you need it to be. I stumbled upon this one a couple of years ago and it’s been my trust sidekick for awhile now. It has held up well, it’s sturdy enough (not for high winds, I’ll be honest) and it gets the job done.

One key rule: Don’t get too aggressive opening it or you’ll get the legs stuck beyond the little catch point. Basically, learn from me and just be more chill and you’ll be fine.


And with that, I’ll leave you be. I have an Amazon Storefront that I’m terrible about using but you can always find random things I like when I remember to update it here

But the key for me on deal days like this are to only get items I know I need or items that I’ve had on my list for awhile. I’ll also price check elsewhere just to make sure no one is running a better deal too, because some places do price match or even beat the sale price on Amazon.

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, you can also get 30 days free and take advantage of the free shipping with it.

OK, no, but seriously — Now I’ll leave you alone. I’m really bad at this influencer thing, aren’t I?



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