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Wednesday Roundup: My favorite leggings

The Wednesday roundup is back! I’ve concluded that most things I do on my blog are going to be sporadic. I cannot promise there will be a roundup every week, but I’ll try my best. You guys, I’m trying my best here! OK, but I can be better about planning ahead. That’s half the battle.

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Caring for scars (and all of my skin!)

A couple of weeks ago I published a blog on masking my scars with makeup. I was absolutely floored by the response, and was so humbled by the many who reached out to share their stories with me. From burn scars to acne scars to everything in between, there are many of us dealing with

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Wednesday Roundup: Deals of the day, Jan. 24

Happy Wednesday, friends! I got to talking with my the high school cheerleaders I coach yesterday about shopping/spending money. One thing led to another and we specifically onto the topic of how to shop in a way to stretch your dollar and make it go further. It was fun to listen to them talk sales,

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