What I Supported: January 2019

How is it the last day of January already? I know it’s felt like this month has lasted FOREVER (mostly in thanks to the weather), but it still feels like it flew by. Although, you’d think it lasted far more than 31 days if you went by my calendar (in the featured image). Poor January 30.

ANYWAY! As we end the month, I wanted to circle back on one of my goals of this year: Donate more. As I said at the beginning of the month, this could mean my time. It could mean money. It just depends on what I am able to give at the moment.

This month, I supported a local GoFundMe in Texas and a national organization in honor of a pretty inspiring young man. But I’m not sharing this for a pat on the back. I’ve decided to share what I’ve supported each month in 2019 in case something inspires you.

Jackie Mae Townsell Elementary’s Field Trip to Austin

My friend Lyndsay is a teacher in Texas, and she posted about raising money for her students’ field trip to Austin. I remember seeing the tweet on a busy day, and then I lost track of it. When I decided to come back to my goals for the year, it reminded me that I had wanted to support Lyndsay and her students.

You can see everything she had to say about the fundraiser at the link right above, but here’s a part you need to read:

“For many of our fourth graders, this will be the first time they have the opportunity to travel outside of Irving, TX. For most, this will also be the first time they step on a college campus. It is imperative that we inspire our young scholars to dream of going to college, many of whom would be first-generation graduates.”

Lyndsay is amazing, and I am so inspired by her daily. If you’re able to give, every dollar donated goes a long way.

The V Foundation in honor of Tyler Trent

This is what I kicked my month off donating to. I had the opportunity to see Tyler at the College Football Awards in December and was so immensely impressed by his strength. In a room full of some of the best collegiate athletes and coaches, ESPN personalities and more, Tyler shined. I will never, ever forget seeing how drawn everyone was to him. And it was easy to feel drawn to him because his smile and ease lit up the room.

I was heartbroken to learn about Tyler’s passing. The world lost an incredible young man. But we’re losing incredible people all the time to a scary disease that does not discriminate. I was honored to donate to The V Foundation in Tyler’s honor and hope we can one day soon declare “victory over cancer” so it never, ever affects another family.

I’m not sure what February will bring, but I’m excited for what might cross my path. I also want to know what might cross yours.

Let me know what you’re supporting by sending me a note. I’d love to hear what inspires you in January, and what inspires you in the future.

Here’s to continuing to be a little kinder to one another in 2019.


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