Friday Five: February 11

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Another Friday. Another set of five things I like or am thinking about this week. I’ll keep the introduction short.

As always, links may be affiliate links (meaning I make a small commission if you purchase the item) but I’ll never link something I don’t personally use and like.

Let’s get to it.


This isn’t sponsored, but I did win a gift card that I was able to put toward the blush Evelyn Wristlet Wallet. Sapahn is also offering 20% off all blush items until Valentine’s Day, so I was able to snag an even better deal. I’ve already switched everything over from the wallet I was using (which was actually a passport holder that I turned into a wallet) and I really like it.

While Sapahn’s bags, wallets, you name it are beautiful, the mission is truly the best.

This Campaign

I love the creativity of this, and I especially love that you can have some fun while also donating to the Nebraska Humane Society. I’m a big supporter of adopting when you’re able. Both of my dogs were adopted from the Nebraska Humane Society and I’ll always be thankful for that. Jacks and Scout are absolute blessings who were made possible in my life thanks to the NHS.

Anyway, back to the campaign itself. If you want, you can donate $15 and they’ll write your name inside a litter box. Why not?

Donate here. (This isn’t a sponsored link, to be clear.)

Good American Jeans

This is going to sound very influencer of me but a lot of people were asking . . . I’m just kidding. However, a few people did actually ask me about a pair of jeans I was wearing this week and I thought I’d share.

They are the Good American Classic. They call the fit “skinnyish” which feels accurate. They fit true to size, are more fitted through the leg and then looser toward the ankle.

According to Honey (which if you are not using Honey, you should be), you can use the code WELCOME20 for 20% off on the site. You can also sign up for the email list on the site and get $50 off your first pair. I typically wait for sales (and they come around pretty often) or look at Nordstrom when they have sales, but that’s a good option if you’re looking now.

And in true influencer-ish fashion, maybe I’ll put together a roundup of my favorite jeans. Not because I expect anyone to care, but mostly because it’ll give me a reason to clean through my jeans and determine what I actually like.

Chloe Kim

Chloe Kim is amazing. Also, her love of churros (and her dog) makes me love her even more.

She also just won gold in halfpipe in her second-straight Olympics. Like I said on Twitter, she’s incredible.

Dolly Parton

I am once again here to remind you that Dolly Parton is a wonderful human.

And that’s that. Another week has come and gone. I’m off to work on a project that I’m excited to share more about very soon.

Thank you for reading and coming back. I seriously appreciate your support as I continue to work through this blog. I’m only a few weeks into it but I’m committed to continuing with this space (and I’ve already done better than I have each of the last few years I’ve committed to updating it). I’d like to add more each week, but we’ll get there.


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