About Erin

Hi. I’m Erin. I’m a sports reporter by day (and night, if we’re being honest) but I do more than #StickToSports. I love fashion (especially shoes), Chipotle and my dog Scout.

I am on Twitter here, which is maybe how you found me. If so, you probably know a little about what I do. If not, well… I work in the world of sports (for Hail Varsity) and my life is lived from the press box (at least for a significant portion of the year). However, I do (attempt to) have a life outside of the press box, too.

From music to clothes to terrible television, there’s a lot I enjoy talking about that I don’t get to cover as a sports reporter. That’s why I started this blog.

Anyway, thanks for being here. I’d love to hear from you.