About Erin

Hi. My name is Erin Sorensen. I am a fan of sports, Chipotle and shoes (but not necessarily in that order).

I am on Twitter here, which is maybe how you found me. If so, you probably know a little about what I do. If not, well… I work in the world of sports (for Land of 10) and my life is lived from the press box (at least for a significant portion of the year). While sports are my life (and I do love sports!), I also have other interests.

From music to fashion to terrible television to even politics (I know, I know… sue me), there’s a lot I enjoy talking about. That’s why I started ye olde blog. Plus, I’ve realized that if I don’t document my life fully, did it really even happen?

Anyway, thanks for being here. I’d love to hear from you (unless you plan on telling me to #StickToSports, then bye).