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Things I Recently Bought and Liked: Holly’s Healthy Holes

Hello, friends. New feature here (inspired by TIBAL) where I share things I’ve recently purchased and liked. Groundbreaking, I know.

But here’s the deal: I often share things on my Instagram and am asked about whatever it is that I’ve purchased. I love replying in messages and will keep doing that, but I thought I might also like to keep a record in 2021 of the things I’ve purchased and liked. Maybe you’ll find these things helpful too.

I’d like to buy more local (I’m based in Omaha, Neb.) in 2021, and I’d like to put a special focus on women-owned and Black-owned businesses. I’m always open to new ideas so if there’s something I should look into, let me know.

Also, I’m not going to promise this feature will show up every week on a specific day. I want to keep it authentic, which means I’ll only share when there is something I truly bought and liked.

With all of that said, let’s begin.


Holly’s Healthy Holes

(Promo code to try your own is ERINSDONUTCREW at checkout for 12% off)

In the words of Holly Wiest, owner and CEO of Holly’s Healthy Holes:

“I believe in delicious pastries and that health is our own responsibility. I believe that even if you have a food sensitivity, allergy or health goal, you shouldn’t be left out.

“My vision is to contribute to my community by providing healthy pastry options you might not have thought existed. I want to bring more scrumptious food options into the world so that it’s easier to make self-respecting choices as we take our wellness into our own hands.”

That’s from the “about” section of the Holly’s Healthy Holes website, and it sums up what I’ve found since ordering from Holly. I’ve typically ordered for delivery (which is very convenient if you live within the delivery zone) but you can also order for pickup from locations in Omaha, Lincoln, Valley and Council Bluffs. You also don’t need to order if you’d rather just head to one of the listed locations and grab a donut or two.

Live outside of the Omaha and Lincoln area and want some donuts? Fear not. Shipping options are on the way! [All of the eye emojis]

Here’s what I like about Holly and her bakery: I can treat myself without completing de-railing my day. I’ve been working really hard over the last several months to find more balance with my diet and exercise. While treating myself is never a bad thing, I’ve found that I really (and I mean really) like to treat myself.

Instead of depriving myself of those things (because trust me, I don’t), I’ve found swaps that allow me to eat the foods I want more often but in a way that not going to completely throw me off track.

Holly’s Healthy Holes is that.

I’m also a fan of Holly and her vision. She is a certified Holistic Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a certified personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine, so I appreciate the knowledge and care she brings to her products.

If you want to give Holly’s Healthy Holes a try (or just order over and over and over again), use promo code ERINSDONUTCREW at checkout for 12% off.

My recommendation? Stuff your own box and mix and match to your heart’s desire. The peanut butter cup became a quick favorite in my house, but the cherry mash is incredible. Honestly, you won’t go wrong with any available.

Follow Holly’s Healthy Holes on social: Instagram | Facebook

And, of course: Order your own!

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